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Our Resources

Being at the heart of an age old engineering institute, we provide the best in class facilities for students, like large number of fab labs, help you to validate your idea and product, write a strategic business plan, design and developing, launching the product in the market, infrastructure support, training, funding and much more...

Our Facilities

Being at the heart of an age old engineering institute, the incubation forum provides a large number of fab labs equipped with state of the art cutting edge hardware and software tools with expertise to use them. These facilities are required for prototyping and also available for testing and validation purpose.

The Various fab lab are:

Computing and Analysis LabSignal Analysis Lab Material Testing Lab | Work-shop

 High Voltage, Cable testing and Transformer testing Applied Photonics | Holography and Nano Technology Lab

List of Equipments :

  • PCB Engraving Machine

  • Digital Oscilloscope

  • DC Power Supplies

  • 3D Printer

  • 3D Scanner

  • Welding Machine

  • CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine

  • CNC Router Machine

  • Workstation

  • Soldering & SMD Kit

  • Microcontroller Training Kit

  • Multimeter

  • Arduinos & Raspberry Pi Kit

  • Fabrication Tools

We provide you all the knowledge, skills, and the seed funding required to convert your idea into a working product. We help you to validate your idea and product, write a strategic business plan, design and developing, launching the product in the market. We also equip you with the project management and leadership skills required to make all this happen. In addition, we help you win investor interest by making a winning pitch to an investor.

To develop and establish a self-supporting eco-system for the entrepreneurs, with global perspective. (1).png

Infrastructure support

10,000 SFT fully furnished air conditioned modern workspace with spaces having independent workspace for entrepreneurs along with spaces for ideation, meetings, product development and testing. We have access to the state-of-the-art laboratories and engineering workshops of SGSITS

Training and Education

Most startups fail not because their technology was inferior but because they either failed to understand customer needs, did not understand how to organize business or counter competitors moves. Our training program bridges this knowledge and skills gap between technology and business decision making. Our training program covered in 300 hours spread over nine months provides you with hands on experience working on your own idea right from conception to launch. The areas covered in the program include market analysis, strategic analysis, product planning, product building, go to market and operations. All our training is delivered by practitioners with real-world experience.


Aristotle once said, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”
Start-up lack two vital ingredients that are crucial to succeed – market experience and network. For example, founders are often confounded by questions like –how to quickly acquire customers? How to compete? How to price your product or how to get access to that important customer? Our mentors will help you realize and develop your potential and also expand your practical knowledge. Our mentors have diverse global experience in different industries. Our program offers you an opportunity to avail one on one (face-to-face and online) mentoring for assigned number of hours. Besides you can also avail several hours of one to many mentoring through interaction with industry experts we bring to the centre periodically.

Seed Funding and Investor Connect

We provide seed funding to Indian startups that meet the required qualifications. Funding under other schemes in specific sectors of economy may also be made available. In addition, we provide access to our network of high net worth alumni, PE investors and VCs. We organize periodic “pitch to investor” sessions that provide you opportunities for funding.

Industry Connect

Startups often need access to customers willing to validate their idea or beta test their product. Our relationship with Industries forum and a network within the neighboring industrial hubs of Dewas and Pithampur apart from Industries owned by our alumni all over India provide access to companies that provide the crucial innovation sandbox for our registered startups to try out their ideas and perfect their solution. We also provide access to global customers through our network of alumni. We complement these with periodically hosting senior industry professionals at our center to deliver talks and interact with our startups

Business Advisory

Forming a company, deciding on the shareholding, filing required applications for government approval and raising finance are crucial but often hated activities by the startups. Our panel of advisors help startups incorporate smoothly with little pain. Our IP lawyers help you with patent application and patent licensing.

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